27 Dec 2012

Frost fair this weekend!

Frost Fair is a fun holiday market on the ice, between 28th and 30th December 2012. Peippo is participating with some of our items, discounted a little. Might find a gift there, too. Come take a look, will be a great fair with a lot of cool stores participating!

21 Dec 2012

Free Wootmas gift!

Happy Wootmas everybuddy! Make sure you get Peippo's free gift!

Free Gift at Peippo Mainstore! Peippo Wootmas Jammies 2012. Pyjama outfit and a hat. Includes all versions: Christmas, Chanukah, Nonreligious, Yule. Click box near door.

12 Dec 2012

Friday, Dec 14th Rainbow Tinies Party!

Poster by Miss Mattie
The SL group Rainbow Tinies are having a party this Friday, Dec 14th at Smitten Kitten! Owner of the club, Miss Mattie, offered the space for us and is providing us with with her great talents for event organizing. DJ Alex is going to play great tunes for us! Big thanks to both!

Participating does not require group membership.

Rainbow Tinies are a g-rated group for LGBT tinies and their supporters. Open to all!

2 Dec 2012

NEW: Textures, Swag outfit, garden shed

NEW: Candycane textures for your holiday creations Peippo Mainstore

NEW: Peippo Garden Shed keeps you warm even during winter. Get it at Raglan Winter fest for 30L$!

NEW: This weeks SWAG (50L$): Renaissance gown for tinies. Peippo Mainstore

28 Nov 2012

Strangeling experience

Today Pieni and uncles Jarvis and Elblin waited to be among the very first to get new avatars called Strangelings. Uncles had been waiting for a while and once they told Pie, how cute these avatars are, and sent the link to a great post by Strawberry Singh about the release today, she was sold on the idea and meeping for a teleport.

While waiting in front of the store, there was time to cam around the gorgeous mesh sim. It is absolutely breath taking! One more place to go spend time in when wanting a bit of inspiration.The sim was made for a place in SL to get information about the strangelin characters in a game the same team has created. More on that in Strawberry's post.

You can get a starter kit for 495 (I think) but it makes a lot of sense to get the all inclusive fatpack for just 2500L$, because it has all the options and once you try the avatar, you will be wanting to play with the look right away. Yes it is that cute!

 This is what Pie came up with for her first look.

Not having tried that many mesh avatars before, this avatar is a good answer to the big question in Second life these days, "why should I get mesh avatars when all can not see them right?"

First of all the quality is great and the look is just so much better. And second of all, mesh is here to stay and these days the viewers that do not have mesh are already old news, and mostly not even supported anymore. Anyone complaining about your avatar needs to just upload a better viewer. They will not be able to do much in any case with the old cranky viewers.

And for those who like me only see purple goo on V3, you need to try the Firestorm viewer, it fixed that for me and has so many options that I now could not imagine SL without. Plus if you are afraid that it is too complicated to learn, you can just pick a skin that looks like your beloved viewer! So.. more options with the same comfort? Yup, believe it.

25 Nov 2012

SWAG for Tiny Renaissance gentlemen

One more day to get our swag. This week we have a renaissance themed outfit for tiny boys. Get it for 50L$ at Peippo Mainstore.

19 Nov 2012

Fashion Show 2012

This is the outfit Peippo had up for the Raglan 2012 fashion show! It is only 60 L$ at Peippo Mainstore. Our first ever hair release! Awesome Aminata Potez modeled for us at the fashion show. In the vendor image you see Pieni wearing her own creation. The fashion show was a lot of fun! So many amazing designs by tinies! Such great modeling! Xavian and Karma did a great job organizing and hosting. Lot's of laughs. Make sure to take a peek at the photos taken there by our own photofox.

7 Nov 2012

NEW release: Copper Tile textures

Peippo Mainstore has most of our items available by now. Reopening process is still on, vendors being swapped and products being reboxed. But we do have a new release, too. Get your Copper Tile textures and enjoy!

3 Nov 2012

New Release: Peippo Pond

New Release: Peippo Pond. Now available for swag, for 50 lindens, only this weekend! Get it at our new Peippo Mainstore. (Buy the Tiny Swagtastic weekends waffle by the door).

PS. You can see the pond rezzed behind the store.

Peippo Eyes: Sky

New release: Peippo Eyes: Sky. Five pairs in the pack, 50 lindens. Get yours at Peippo Mainstore. (New location, general sim).

27 Oct 2012

Anything BUT Halloween Hunt on this weekend

Anything BUT Halloween Hunt on this weekend at Paradise Landing.

Everything in the hunt is set to 0$L. Building materials from a number of talented designers, need I say more?

Peippo is participating with this texture set called Gnome Fabrics.

26 Oct 2012

Eye for charity

The Warehouse charity auction is today October 26th, 4 pm SLT to benefit The Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research and education.

Our unique sixpack of eyes is up for auction, whole sum going to the charity.

4 Sep 2012

Some Flare

Club Flare is a Second Life club opening on September 8th! More about the club here.

Our friend has a new club! Yay! They are very friendly to Rainbow tinies as well.

23 Aug 2012

store closed for time being

Hi all

Not to worry, Peippo will be back.

Due to rl reasons, need to close down the stores and the blog for now.

Thanks for being friendly and kind.

Peippo and Pieni

19 Aug 2012

Pink Tinies Anniversary Party

Pieni here. This is my first post! Woop!

Pink Tinies is bestest! And our friends are bestest toos! Here are picstures. Fox really neededsied a good party and this was very goodlysome. Thank you everybunny!
PS: If you missed my second gift, it is in the Pink Tinies group notices. Or you can im me for it. (It is an outfit, boys can wear hat and shoes too, dress is a bit frilly).

24 Jul 2012

Wootstock Sunday part 1

Pieni took a lot of pictures during Wootstock Sunday, so will publish them in two parts. Here is part one, enjoy!

22 Jul 2012

Wootstock 2012 Preparty pictures

Pieni went to the Wootstock Preparty in Raglan last Friday. It was lot's of fun. Pictures from the Wootstock from this Sunday coming soon. Lot's of cool dj's and live artists to see.

Click images to see larger versions.

21 Jul 2012

SWAG outfit and dress, Free and Dollarbie

Peippo for Tinies Fashion: Vacation Dress

Peippo for Tinies Fashion: Vacation Outfit
Peippo for Tinies Fashion: Vacation Dress and Vacation Outfit are 50l for Tiny Swagtastic weekends, until sunday. Get them at:
Peippo for Tinies at Raglan Shire
Peippo for Tinies at Heron Shire

Peippo for Tinies Furniture: Festival Pillow
Peippo for Tinies Furniture: Festival Pillow is a dollarbie at Wootstock this weekend! There is also a free set of festive gestures for tinies.

Peippo for Tinies Fashion: Rainbow Dress
Peippo for Tinies Fashion: Rainbow Outfit
Peippo for Tinies Fashion: Rainbow Outfit and Rainbow Dress are on sale at Wootstock for only 30l!