31 May 2012

New release: Peippo Eyes: Nature, first release for SVPAP Project Rescue

(Exile Ali/coffee free hair, Al Vulo Group gift skin Debbie* Ohh Deer chantilly)
Here is a fresh new release of Peippo Eyes: Nature. Four color versions, copy only.

At first the eye pack will only be available at the location of SVPAP Project Rescue. 100% of the proceeds will benefit the charity. Same goes for all the products there. And some of the designers involved also have 50% vendors at their own stores.

SVPAP Project Rescue runs from June 1st to June 22nd. Make sure to go by there and help the animals by donating. Read more from svpapprojectrescuesl.blogspot.com.

The charity skybox is very beautiful. I had to take a picture for you. And of course I included this lil fellow, the weasel resident of the skybox garden.

picture from here

29 May 2012

Peippo Eyes: Earth, for the upcoming Keep It Green Hunt

(Exile Ali/coffee free hair, Al Vulo Group gift skin Debbie* Ohh Deer chantilly)
Peippo Eyes: Earth, for the upcoming Keep It Green Hunt, June 3rd-30th, 2012. The hunt, by Option Hunts, is held to raise awareness of the Keep It Green Fund Drive. Most hunt locations will have a donation kiosk for the fund, as does ours. Keep the kiosk for information about the cause and consider donating, if you can. The starting point will be here.

26 May 2012

New Tiny fashion releases for swag, new texture releases and a freebie for Towel day

Peippo for Tinies have tiny fashion outfits for swag this weekend (plus extra day Monday due to US holiday). Casual gentleman outfit is available at Peippo for Tinies at Heron Shire and Fancy dress in purple at Peippo for Tinies at Raglan Shire.
(copy mod also)
We have two new texture releases, both seamless and fullperm for creating purposes.
And since it is Towel day, honoring the late great Douglas Adams, our Peippo at USC / Paradise Landing location has the towel fabric textures out as a free gift for the day (not in vendor but a strawberry box on a stand).

23 May 2012

I would love to see bloggers use textures more

There's a really cool photo, with our texture on the background, in the Defining music hunt images.

I would love to see bloggers use textures more. If you are a blogger and looking for background textures, take a look at ours and send a notecard to Peippo inworld for what you would like to blog. You can of course blog any other product as well. :)

11 May 2012

New shop at EM Tiny Village

Peippo at EM Tiny Village Shoppes: We moved within the sim, from a cart to a shop, and now have room for a lucky board and a MM-board. Lucky prize is a set of Striped Canvas fabrics, and the MM-board prize is a set of groundcover textures. Both are seamless and fp for creating purposes. The shop is near a river and close to where everything happens, so it is a great location. Big thanks to Mistie and Ing for their generosity!

10 May 2012

Art event today 2pm SLT

-Event location-

"Mail art meets virtual worlds" is an exhibit by Alana Pyara. It is part of the Linden Endowment for the Arts full region grant season. The purpose of the exhibit is to find new ways for people in the virtual worlds to communicate and express themselves by exploring techniques often used in mail art. Everyone and anyone can participate. Read more: http://mailartmeetsvirtual.blogspot.com/. 

For the opening event of this art region, we have a real treat for anyone interested in virtual worlds and the identities of both players and characters. State of Being is a popular lecture by Pamala Clift, "a researcher and an autodidactic observer of psychology and anthropological interactions". 

The lecture will be held in voice chat. Please familiarize yourself with how voice chat works before the event. There is no cost to attend this event.

5 May 2012

Pieni is taking part in the Art Walk 2012

Pieni is taking part in the Art Walk 2012, and was setting up for it today. Her spot is between the Raglan U office and Sillycube (Raglan Shire Silica Cubicle Sandbox).

Awesome art by Second Life residents, go have a look! Raglan Shire Art Walk takes place between May 6 - 27, 2012.

2 May 2012

Second Pride 2012 is coming up

Second Pride 2012 is coming up, and we can do a lot to help! Please ask the organizers Doc Spad or Kharissa Indigo for information.

The Pride will have six sims full of attractions, events and shopping opportunities. Two event sims in the middle will be surrounded by four retail sims.

The organizers are looking for interested builders, sponsors, dj's etc. This is a good chance to show what you can do, to big audiences, as well as to give for a good cause!

Builders contact Doc Spad, 2012 Second Pride Chairman inworld or via email at docspadusmc@gmail.com.

Dj's, bands, clubs, groups, etc, contact Kharissa Indigo, 2012 Second Pride Events Chairperson.

Second Pride festival will be offering free space for LGBT advocacy and support groups in Second Life. Please contact Doc Spad.

Press: A Photo packet will be available during the week of May 7th, and before that, the organizers will be able to bring photographers in the work spaces to take their own pictures. Contact Doc Spad.

You can visit the Mock-up of the festival area to see the planned layout. Sponsors can reserve spots by paying the color boxes, and clicking them to give name of business. The bigger and more expensive spots are closer to the event locations and walkways, of course.

Peippo already has a location reserved. Planning some fun things for biggies and tinies alike. :)

1 May 2012

Hunts, MM-board- and lucky prizes: Brand new seamless fp textures

New hunts, new lucky prize and new MM-prize at Peippo Mainstore!


Have and Hold hunt 0l
Relay for Life. Beacon of hope hunt 1l.

Natures Hunt, Spring blossoms 2, the fairy trail, hunt 1l

Underwater, Plenty of fish in the sea hunt 1l
Lucky prize:
MM-board prize: