29 Apr 2012

A RFL event by the Cure chasers just starting

A RFL event by the Cure chasers just starting at The Greenwich Meridian Ballroom. Dj Jeremiah is playing some mighty fine blues.

Pieni is wearing a new outfit she really loves. Gown for all reasons, from Tiny Tama, with 6 color options, is part of swag this weekend. And the hair is by Bea Shamrock, (and tinted by Pieni). It is called "Pony tail 50s -sunset -fox".

27 Apr 2012

Chase the Blues for a Cure

Here is a very cool party invitation. Go have fun, and support a great cause!

Please join The Cure Chasers for a very special Relay For Life Blues Event at the Greenwich Meridian Ballroom

 Sunday April 29th  Noon - 8:00 pm

12:00 pm -  2:00 pm        DJ Jeremiah Barcelos
2:00 pm     - 4:00 pm       DJ Carmel Merlin
4:00 pm    - 5:00 pm        DJ Giini Starfall
5:00 pm    - 7:00 pm        DJ BellaRose Restless
7:00 pm    - 8:00 pm        Bluemonk Rau

22 Apr 2012

Peippo Textures: Spring is sprung, simwide hunt at PL

Spring is sprung at USC Textures and Paradise Landing, this weekend! The simwide hunt is on for one more day. Go and get all the awesome gifts! Textures and other building materials, lot's of great quality items.
Peippo at PL is taking part in the hunt, too. Here is a picture of our gift, Pieni made you these lamb textures for some fun velvet creations. We would love to see, what you made with them. :)

15 Apr 2012

ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life and Love

Pieni took some pictures at the ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life and Love, which was an event held as part of the season of Aether Chrononauts RFL team. More pics from the link, 37 in total. :)

Starting now, at SL noon: ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life and Love

Starting now, at SL noon: ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life and Love ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life and Love, brought to you be Aether Chrononauts RFL!

Right Now: Cure chasers are having some awesome live events for Relay for Life, today!

Cure chasers are having some awesome live events for Relay for Life, today! It has already started, come see Hazie Moonwell perform. He is very good!

13 Apr 2012

Peippo for Tinies new release: Bunnylove dress and flower, yellow, and beaded handbag, scarlet

Avatar by Wynx
Here is the first ever dress sold by Peippo. Made of Pieni's favorite bunny fabric, it has a tummy piece that works as top and underpants, and the skirt piece. With the dress comes a yellow flower and a beaded Scarlet handbag. The bag has a silver button clip. All items are made of prims by original design. This set will be part of Tiny Swagtastic weekend this week. Get it at Peippo for Tinies at Heron Shire.

Remember to take our free box of gifts. :)

10 Apr 2012

Let the beat rock!

This video by Bea Shamrock is the cutest thing I have seen! *giggles*

Pieni was having so much fun at Butter's impromptu beach party.

9 Apr 2012

Peippo and Peippo for Tinies: New mm-gift, new lucky gift, new location, free box of gifts!

Peippo and Peippo for Tinies locations now have a free box of gifts! Here are some pics. We have a new location Peippo at EM Tiny Village Shoppes! A very good time for gifts. :)
And we have new gifts in lucky boards/chair and MM-boards. You might recognize these from swag.

Also, Pieni got a pink pony, like she wanted, and said to show this picture of her and Yvette. Borrowed from here with Yvette's permission:
They tinted their ponies themselves. Yvette's pony is called Pink and Pieni's is Frank.

7 Apr 2012

The Dance Under The Sea was a huge success.

Taken by Jennylynn Capalini
Taken by Mistie Frostwych

Taken by Mistie Frostwych
The Dance Under The Sea was a huge success. We gathered 22000+ l$ for Relay for Life SL! I am so happy!

All this was thanks to our amazing guests who kept donating and taking part in raffle, buying items from donation vendors and just generally being awesome.

And it was thanks to Dj FreeSpirit Ghostraven for playing superb tunes on short notice and was just so graceful and lovely during the entire event. And hosts Abigail Raymaker and Eilidh McCullough, who ran the contest board and raffle and lead and co-lead our RFL-SL team. They all did a great job, being so professional, so helpful, and keeping us all happy.

And it was thanks to our great designers (House of Starlight - Starlight Skyther, Moriz Pennell, Peeps Fashions - Jennylynn Capalini, SF Design) who donated great items for raffle and Vendors (If I forgot anyone, feed me to bees).

And it was thanks to the great spirit RFL has on SL. People know and trust RFL and they want to help find a cure. Good for you everyone who donates, organizes or otherwise has anything to do with the charity. :)

We were busy multitasking and forgot to take pictures but luckily Mistie got the idea for a group picture. Lot of the guests had already left but you can tell we were having fun! :) I was lagging and unable to take pics, but we all got these great pics by Mistie and Jenny.

Thank you, everyone!

5 Apr 2012

Bikes for RFL!

I just got a cool bike sold by the Heros for Life RFL team, and wanted to show you all. It's made by Nightwalker Galaxy.
They have a biggie version and tiny version.
Get it at the Tiny Posse MC's store in Tinys Haven.

Go Relay!

Peippo Textures: Hunt!

Monkeying Around hunt gift (2l$) out now at the Peippo Mainstore. Click our hint sign!

1 Apr 2012

Charity funtimes

If you spend time around tinies, you might know about the Basement Kitteh Gang that says they never wear pink. Well, one very vocal loud mouth member, FullAuto was our dj for the Spring Ball at Harmony Hall and promised to go pink **gasp** if the donations would hit a certain number. And they did. So here is the proof that Relay For Life is enough to make even the stubborn kitteh change his mind.

Guess how much was donated during the event?! Over 40 000 lindens! For one event! Wow! It was a great fun party, thanks to FullAuto, Butter, Skippy, and everyone who came and donated.