7 Apr 2012

The Dance Under The Sea was a huge success.

Taken by Jennylynn Capalini
Taken by Mistie Frostwych

Taken by Mistie Frostwych
The Dance Under The Sea was a huge success. We gathered 22000+ l$ for Relay for Life SL! I am so happy!

All this was thanks to our amazing guests who kept donating and taking part in raffle, buying items from donation vendors and just generally being awesome.

And it was thanks to Dj FreeSpirit Ghostraven for playing superb tunes on short notice and was just so graceful and lovely during the entire event. And hosts Abigail Raymaker and Eilidh McCullough, who ran the contest board and raffle and lead and co-lead our RFL-SL team. They all did a great job, being so professional, so helpful, and keeping us all happy.

And it was thanks to our great designers (House of Starlight - Starlight Skyther, Moriz Pennell, Peeps Fashions - Jennylynn Capalini, SF Design) who donated great items for raffle and Vendors (If I forgot anyone, feed me to bees).

And it was thanks to the great spirit RFL has on SL. People know and trust RFL and they want to help find a cure. Good for you everyone who donates, organizes or otherwise has anything to do with the charity. :)

We were busy multitasking and forgot to take pictures but luckily Mistie got the idea for a group picture. Lot of the guests had already left but you can tell we were having fun! :) I was lagging and unable to take pics, but we all got these great pics by Mistie and Jenny.

Thank you, everyone!

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