24 Jul 2012

Wootstock Sunday part 1

Pieni took a lot of pictures during Wootstock Sunday, so will publish them in two parts. Here is part one, enjoy!

22 Jul 2012

Wootstock 2012 Preparty pictures

Pieni went to the Wootstock Preparty in Raglan last Friday. It was lot's of fun. Pictures from the Wootstock from this Sunday coming soon. Lot's of cool dj's and live artists to see.

Click images to see larger versions.

21 Jul 2012

SWAG outfit and dress, Free and Dollarbie

Peippo for Tinies Fashion: Vacation Dress

Peippo for Tinies Fashion: Vacation Outfit
Peippo for Tinies Fashion: Vacation Dress and Vacation Outfit are 50l for Tiny Swagtastic weekends, until sunday. Get them at:
Peippo for Tinies at Raglan Shire
Peippo for Tinies at Heron Shire

Peippo for Tinies Furniture: Festival Pillow
Peippo for Tinies Furniture: Festival Pillow is a dollarbie at Wootstock this weekend! There is also a free set of festive gestures for tinies.

Peippo for Tinies Fashion: Rainbow Dress
Peippo for Tinies Fashion: Rainbow Outfit
Peippo for Tinies Fashion: Rainbow Outfit and Rainbow Dress are on sale at Wootstock for only 30l!

14 Jul 2012

New for SWAG: Octopus Cake, pink and purple

 Each avatar wears the cake slize. Custom animation for quads!
Gives cake slizes on touch to anyone. All versions will go to a folder in their inventory. Great for parties, you only need to rezz the cake itself.

Each cake is 50$L for SWAG this weekend. Get them here:

Peippo for Tinies at Raglan Shire
Peippo for Tinies at Heron Shire

7 Jul 2012

6 Jul 2012

Rainbow tinies!

There is a new g-rated group for lbgt related discussions called Rainbow tinies. If you know anyone who might want to join, let them know. If you can not join yourself, but wish to put a join group sign at your store or other location, im Pieni inworld. Group members will find the join box in notices.

Tinies are not sexual beings, but love and human rights are universal. Biggies are welcome to join, too, just keep it g-rated. You can send the group free gifts and notify people of lbgt events. No unrelated advertising or spam. (With gifts keep in mind that this is a tiny group so a huge pile of biggie items may not be needed. Fullperm freebies you might want to put in a notecard before sending.)

Default member status is member and your tag will say Rainbow tiny. To get notice rights, im Pieni or mention it in chat. Spammers will be removed.

If we get enough interest, we might get a club house too. :)

4 Jul 2012

New: Tuffet Gatcha for A Bed in the Wheatfield event

(Peippo wears HS outfit, an Al Vulo skin, BDR hair).
Tuffet Gatcha (5l) is part of the event called A Bed in the Wheatfield located in the Skygarden & all participating shops. I keep seeing Gatcha and Gacha.. so mine reads one way and the event organizers use the other one.. eep. If there is a consensus on this, comment and let me know.

3 Jul 2012

New: Orlando Garden Couch for Orlando Hunt

Peippo wears HS outfit, an Al Vulo skin, BDR hair. Pieni wears our Beaivi dress.
Here is our hunt prize for the Orlando Hunt (covert hunts), 1l, hint in our hint sign. The pillows will know if you are a regular sized avatar or a tiny and choose a pose accordingly.

Orlando is a book by Virginia Woolf from year 1928, and a movie featuring the amazing Tilda Swinton, from year 1992. Here is the full quote from which our hunt hint is from:

But Orlando paused. Memory still held before him the image of a shabby man with big, bright eyes. Still he looked, still he paused. It is these pauses that are our undoing. It is then that sedition enters the fortress and our troops rise in insurrection. Once before he had paused, and love with its horrid rout, its shawms, its cymbals, and its heads with gory locks torn from the shoulders had burst in. From love he had suffered the tortures of the damned. Now, again, he paused, and into the breach thus made, leapt Ambition, the harridan, and Poetry, the witch, and Desire of Fame, the strumpet; all joined hands and made of his heart their dancing ground.
- Virginia Woolf

New Hazel Wood Textures for SYTYCBH

This is our prize on the So You Think You can Build Hunt (iTouch Hunts). Look for a green dot, it will cost 1l. There is a hint in our hint sign as well as in the hunt poster's hint giver. Enjoy!

1 Jul 2012


The Wounded Angel - Hugo Simberg
The statistics on HIV are a gloomy read. At the end of year 2010, 30.6 million adults and 3.4 million children, worldwide, were living with the virus, according to estimates released in 2011 by UNAIDS, WHO and UNICEF. HIV and AIDS affect mid-income and low-income countries the worst. Sub-Saharan Africa has 68,2% of the cases, while South and South-East Asia are at 11.9%.

But even the countries in financial crisis are doing better with prevention and treatment these days. New HIV infections and deaths from AIDS related illnesses have decreased considerably. It has been estimated that, as antiretroviral regimens are now more available to mothers, 400 000 new HIV infections in children have been averted since 1995.

Medication is the key in managing HIV, which is still incurable. Patients need a combination of drugs, and in the past the amount of pills to take daily might have been as high as 40 pills three times a day. These days several drugs are combined in one pill  to ensure that the whole daily intake is quaranteed, as it is often crucial to stop the virus from taking over. A new study has shown that something called "the quad pill" has been found successful in stopping the virus from replicating, which is thanks to the inclusion of an anti-HIV drug known as an integrase inhibitor.

New kind of focus and thinking is still needed in battling HIV and AIDS and taking care of people affected. UNAIDS plans to direct more of it's efforts with communities in mind, rather than the virus itself. If their planned framework of investments is put to use, at least 12.2 million new HIV infections and 7.4 million AIDS-related deaths would be averted between 2011 and 2020. This requires shared responsibility. The difficult economic climate has reduced donations to UNAIDS 10% since 2009. This is a trend that needs to change. A lot depends on how the rich countries rise to the occasion.


AVERT: Statistic around the world
BBCNews: HIV quad pill 'may improve care'
BBCNews: Anti-retroviral drugs 'help reduce' HIV transmission
UNAIDS: Nearly 50% of people who are eligible for antiretroviral therapy now have access to lifesaving treatment

Written by Peippo.
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