3 Jul 2012

New: Orlando Garden Couch for Orlando Hunt

Peippo wears HS outfit, an Al Vulo skin, BDR hair. Pieni wears our Beaivi dress.
Here is our hunt prize for the Orlando Hunt (covert hunts), 1l, hint in our hint sign. The pillows will know if you are a regular sized avatar or a tiny and choose a pose accordingly.

Orlando is a book by Virginia Woolf from year 1928, and a movie featuring the amazing Tilda Swinton, from year 1992. Here is the full quote from which our hunt hint is from:

But Orlando paused. Memory still held before him the image of a shabby man with big, bright eyes. Still he looked, still he paused. It is these pauses that are our undoing. It is then that sedition enters the fortress and our troops rise in insurrection. Once before he had paused, and love with its horrid rout, its shawms, its cymbals, and its heads with gory locks torn from the shoulders had burst in. From love he had suffered the tortures of the damned. Now, again, he paused, and into the breach thus made, leapt Ambition, the harridan, and Poetry, the witch, and Desire of Fame, the strumpet; all joined hands and made of his heart their dancing ground.
- Virginia Woolf

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