30 Mar 2012

This Saturday: Great fun for a good cause! RFL SL party!

Our RFL SL team The Aether Chrononauts is having a big Spring Ball this Saturday 3-5pm SLT.

Harmony Hall is a very pretty and elegant venue for events. I really recommend you join us for an awesome time!

Here is what the invitation says:

Shake off the winter doldrums and bounce into spring! Harmony Hall celebrates the season with a Spring Ball on Saturday, 31 March, 3pm - 5pm SLT. What do we have? Hat Contest: As elegant or crazy as you please. General theme is Spring/Easter but there are no restrictions on inventiveness. $500 L prizes in three categories: Best of Theme, Best of Funny, Best of Creative. Easter Egg Hunt! Search the grounds for hidden Easter Eggs, each containing a fun gift. Twenty eggs total - collect them all! Music! Fullauto Vandyke will be spinning the tunes and taking requests. Join us for a terrific time! Harmony Hall looks forward to seeing you! All proceeds to benefit Relay For Life.

Peippo for Tinies: My 1st Waffle! SWAG this weekend!

Get this new release for 50l$ this weekend from Peippo for Tinies at Heron Shire.
Know the comic book character Donal Duck? His uncle Scrooge has a dollar under a glass dome with a sign that says it's his first dollar. In some story it turned out that actually it was not. But anyway, that dollar inspired Peippo's item for Tiny Swagtastic Weekend this time. It's only 3 prims and copy mod, so you can adjust the size. Why would a tiny not eat their first waffle? Well, it's like with baby spoons and such gifts, the first gift waffle just is important enough to save and well if it gets nibbled on a bit, nobuddy will mind. Just remember to replace it!

24 Mar 2012

Peippo Textures: Pale yellow and white, new and now 50l for SWAG!

Peippo for Tinies at Heron Shire has a tiny swagtastic waffle set for sale for 50l$ this weekend with our new release of Pale yellow and white textures: fullperm, seamless,  pack of ten. Go get yours and enjoy!

Remember to slap the MM-board that we now have in our every location. First prize is our new release of Heart fabric textures, fullperm, seamless, set of ten. Good luck!

17 Mar 2012

Peippo Textures: New lucky prize and a group extra: Butterflies

New from Peippo Textures, a lucky prize out now: Butterflies, fullperm, seamless. And for the Peippo Shop group members, a free extra texture! (In notices)
Good luck and enjoy!

These of our locations have a lucky board:

Peippo Mainstore
Peippo at USC / Paradise Landing

Peippo Textures: Knit BiColored. Our first Tiny Swagtastic Weekend!

Our first Tiny Swagtastic Weekend! Here is the gift. 10 Knit BiColored textures, fullperm, seamless, and they are handpainted too. Loop for loop, by a rl knitter ;).
Get it from Peippo for Tinies at Heron Shire for 50l.

Oh and yes, they are related to our prize for the Paradise Landing sim hunt last weekend.

15 Mar 2012

The Time Traveller's Ball benefiting the American Cancer Society, March 18th

Mark your calendars!

The Aether Chrononauts Relay For Life Team request the pleasure of your company for The Time Traveller's Ball on Sunday, March 18th, 1pm to 3pm SLT

Mr Otenth Paderborn will be taking us on a musical journey through the ages.

Smart or formal attire from any age is encouraged.

Donations will be invited at the event for Relay For Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society.

Disco fun times!

Pieni had some fun times with her tiny friends again. Here are the pictures. :)
Misty was the dj and Persiphone was the hostess of a great disco event at Mo Skeeter's dance hall located in Tiny Starspirit's Village.

Pieni put her outfit together mixing and matching some great creations by tiny designers:

Hair: Tiny B's Designs Pony tail 50s -sunset -fox (Pieni tinted it)
Shoes: Totally Tinies My Valentine from Casual ValenTiny Dresses Box
Skirt: MayCreations Tiny skirt w flurbil belt
Top: Pan's Tiny Strawberry Gown
Hat: TSD (Tiny Starspirit's Designs) City Chic Coral outfit
Avatar: Wynx Tiny Black Fox

Temba Resident has a nice little art gallery, with original photography, at the other end of the Tiny Starspirit's Village, in the Hills of Tinneessee

12 Mar 2012

Pieni at Steampunk Mardi Gras Parade

Pieni participated in the Raglan Shire Steampunk Mardi Gras Parade. And she took pictures!

For more pictures visit:

Caleb Kit's picture set of the Steampunk Mardi Gras 22012 
Karmagirl Avro's picture from Steampunk Mardi Gras

Or look through the links on the sidebar.

11 Mar 2012

New Peippo release: Marble candles

New release at Peippo Mainstore: Marble candles. You can get them separately or in a fatpack of all five, for a reduced price. Peippo original sculpt. Enjoy!

10 Mar 2012

Peippo is taking part in "At home" sim hunt

Handpainted, seamless, Fullperm, Multicolored, knit textures, by Peippo.
Plus an extra gift!
This Saturday and Sunday, now, on SL:
"At home" sim hunt at Paradise Landing (USC Textures Tomb, Texture sim).

We are number 5! Look for the 20 gifts hidden close to the hunt signs. Prizes include textures, sculpt maps and other building materials. Yay!
Peippo and Peippo for tinies at USC
Starting point

Relay for life, it's time for a cure!

Peippo is taking part in the Relay for Life effort on SL this year. Right now, we are waiting for the pre-kick off party to start at one of the RFL sims (RFL Future - Kick-Off). The sims are getting full, so if you are part of a team and plan on coming to the party, hurry!

You can listen to the stream: http://www.t1radio.com/

Video from 2011:

I will be posting more information about RFL as the events unfold. Thank you all for this great effort and all your hard work. Relay for life, it's time for a cure!

9 Mar 2012

New location for Peippo Mainstore!

Peippo has moved. We have a new location for Peippo Mainstore, please update your landmarks.

Hunt gifts are out at the new location. The hunt hints apply there as well.

Peippo: Another St. Patrick's day hunt: "This Ain't No Pot Of Gold"

Peippo Mainstore has a gift out for another St. Patrick's day hunt: "This Ain't No Pot Of Gold".
Starting point.