30 Mar 2012

Peippo for Tinies: My 1st Waffle! SWAG this weekend!

Get this new release for 50l$ this weekend from Peippo for Tinies at Heron Shire.
Know the comic book character Donal Duck? His uncle Scrooge has a dollar under a glass dome with a sign that says it's his first dollar. In some story it turned out that actually it was not. But anyway, that dollar inspired Peippo's item for Tiny Swagtastic Weekend this time. It's only 3 prims and copy mod, so you can adjust the size. Why would a tiny not eat their first waffle? Well, it's like with baby spoons and such gifts, the first gift waffle just is important enough to save and well if it gets nibbled on a bit, nobuddy will mind. Just remember to replace it!

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