28 Jun 2012

Thank you Lisa

Wow. Amazing post by LisaMun Aronowicz again. Honored to have our free Pride gift eyes be mentioned in a post where she shares her Stand4Love image. The love people show for this important cause, and other people, is just so moving. Thank you Lisa.

Image by LisaMun Aronowicz

New: Rainbow outfit

Peippo for Tinies: Rainbow outfit with hat, sweater, tie, pants and shoes. 60l from Peippo Mainstore, or look at the side bar for more locations.

26 Jun 2012

New: Rainbow dress, with hat, pants and shoes

Peippo for Tinies Fashion: Rainbow dress, with hat, pants and shoes, is our new release. This outfit is available for 60l. Get it at Peippo Mainstore or look on our sidebar for the other locations.

Pride hat is a free gift

Peippo for Tinies, Pride hat, is a free gift at Our Pride Shop, during Second Pride 2012, 22nd June - 6th July.

25 Jun 2012

ChangHigh Sisters 24062012 at SL9B

Pieni went to watch the finale of SL9B on Lotus stage, 24th June, 2012. She took a pile of pictures, posted in a set on Flickr. Take a look. The show was awesome. Pieni hopped on stage when the ChangHigh Sisters encouraged the audience to join them after their performance.

24 Jun 2012

Rainbow Pride

New release: Peippo Textures: Rainbow Fabrics. Six seamless fullperm textures. 50l at all of our stores, including the Pride shop.

22 Jun 2012

Second Pride 2012: Peippo Eyes: Pride, free gift

"Peippo Eyes: Pride", is a free gift at our Pride Shop, during Second Pride 2012, 22nd June - 6th July. New things coming soon, and some of our regular items available there, too. Lot's of events during this period. So many great entertainers, vendors, volunteers and organizers working to make this a fun festival. Join us!

Peippo Textures: Titania for Midsummer Madness hunt

Peippo Textures at PL: Titania, fullperm, seamless for this weekends hunt at Paradise Landing. Theme being Midsummer madness. It's a free hunt full of amazing prizes for creators and builders! (The prize at our store is not this one, so look around for all the fantastic items in the hunt.)

11 Jun 2012

Party at the Raglan ool

Tinies had a big party at the ool, 9th of June. Dj FullAuto was spinning some goodsome tunes.
Excellent drumming by Butter. Tricia in her fancy yellow outfit.
Breakdancing bunny, cat and ferret. Some foxes almost fell in the ool, dancing so wild.

10 Jun 2012

Thrilled to be blogged by Prazillo Lemon

Picture by Prazillo Lemon. Used with permission.
Having our Earth eyes (for the Keep it green hunt) featured in this amazing post by Prazillo Lemon, in her blog Zillo Insist, is a treat. Thank you so much Prazillo!

Big thanks to Aiko

Big thanks to Aiko for featuring our Nature eyes, exclusive for SVPAP Project Rescue, in her blog called Shopping Book. She has a lot of really cool posts with great pictures.

New release: Tiny fashion, Beaivi dress

In honor of our new location: Peippo at Covenstead, here is a release made with the spiritual nature of the community of Covenstead in mind.

Beaivi dress comes with a bolero, shoes and long underpants, and is butter yellow due to the myth of the sun goddess. People would eat butter and use it for rituals that were meant to convince the sun to approach quicker.

Sami people live in the north, where winters are long and very dark. Beaivi was a goddess of mental healing, and rebirth of nature. She sometimes appeared with her daughter, who had reindeer antlers. A white female reindeer was also offered to her during spring time.

The dress is available in all our locations for 60 lindens (apart from our texture store).

9 Jun 2012

SWAG hats and a New Gift

We have swag!
Peippo for Tinies at Raglan Shire
Peippo for Tinies at Heron Shire
Both are now available in both stores, as there has been some confusion about finding both swag items when there was one in each store.

The bowler hats have three versions.. leather hats, green with decorative leather band, black with velvet band and brown with fabric band. All three hats are in the package that is now 50l for swag.
The gardening hats have a stripy velvet version, one with yellow fabric that has white squares, and a blue paisley one. They all have flowery bands. All included in the swag package for 50l.

We have a new gift that works for biggies and tinies alike. You may need to adjust the hat a little depending on head shape and size, so its copy mod:

(Exile Ali/brown sugar free hair, Al Vulo Group gift skin Debbie* Ohh Deer chantilly)
Silly hats! yay! hehe.

Remember to slap the MM-boards.

Crazy About Lisa's blog post

Lovely post by LisaMun Aronowicz for the Crazy About SL Fashion blog featuring Peippo Earth eyes #4, exclusive for the Keep it Green hunt. Thank you so much Lisa!

The picture she made is gorgeous.

6 Jun 2012

Thank you Sugarninja!

Wow, Peippo Eyes: Nature, were blogged by Sugarninja of Drama in Wonderland!
Bloggers are an important part of SL fashion and charity efforts like SVPAP Project Rescue, where the eyes are up as a 100% donation item atm. Thank you Sugarninja! :) (love the name!)

Here is the lovely picture:

Image used with permission from author Sugarninja Resident

1 Jun 2012

Big thanks to Seraphim SL blog

Big thanks to Seraphim SL for blogging the SVPAP Project Rescue SL event and including our item in the pictures!
This is an important cause, helping animals!

The post looks really lovely and the blog is great. It's also where we got this pledge banner from. Important cause as well. Click the banner to read more about it.

House of Starlight uses Peippo Textures in Mesh Summer dresses

House of Starlight has made these gorgeous Mesh Summer dresses using Peippo Textures on three of them  (the dark purple, light purple and light green one). We are so honored! They are available under the PROMO sign at her mainstore.

Starlight has a lot of well crafted, beautiful fashion items at her stores in very fair prices. Recommending the Mesh Mermaid avatar sets at her new themed location at Covenstead.

Here are the vendor images of the textures for interested designers: