23 Feb 2012

Peippo: New Peippo for Tinies release: Sign of Waffle trouble

All tinies, cover your eyes with a paw now! Very scary sign sold now at Peippo for Tinies. Whispers: "Very nearly out of Waffles!!". Eek! Needs a warning sign, a situation like this.

15 Feb 2012

Peippo for Tinies, a new location, and a new product

Peippo for Tinies is our new location at Extrovirtual!

Pieni runs Peippo for Tinies at Extrovirtual.
Our first product targeted for tinies is out!

It's a set of six Ladybug fabrics, for 60l$.

Come visit us soon. :)

5 Feb 2012

Peippo Hunt gift for Natures Hunt 2

Image used with permission.

Look what great pictures Shadowed Luik took for the Natures Hunt 2 blog! The one shown here is our hunt gift, all 12 pairs of eyes as a set. The pic does them credit, I love it. Go get your hunt gift from Peippo Shop and Café. It is set to cost 1l$. Click the hunt sign or the hint giver for a hint.

3 Feb 2012

2 Feb 2012

Peippo: locations open, hunts, new products

Peippo Shop and Café is now open.
We have free foods and drinks in gatcha's, come by and enjoy!

New products are becoming available all the time, starting with textures and eyes.

We are taking part in a few hunts already, Natures Hunt Part 2 just started, the prize is hidden in the Café location. Here is a sneak peek at the prize:

Check the hunt hints from the hint giver.

We are setting up at the Peippo Mainstore. You are welcome to come by and look around. Please note that the first hunts will be at the Café location, though.