If you want to review our products in your blog, send a notecard to Peippo (or in tiny matters to Pieni) inworld.

Mention which product you would like to review or if you would rather get a review pack when we have new releases.
We have freebies and hunt items that you might wish to blog as well.

To be safe from content theft, please refrain from taking close and detailed images of our textures. Rather use them in a background of your picture (such as wall or floor for a  fashion shoot), use the vendor image, or put one or some of the textures in items that you use as props, thank you.

We would love to see the blog post, so please send a link when you have posted.

Your blog needs to be an active SL blog or one about virtual worlds including SL.

You are not permitted to resell any of our products.

We reserve the right to say no to any product review offers for whichever reason. Most likely an overtly adult content of your blog might result in a refusal. We do not wish to be blogged by or for child avatars, either. This should not be taken personally. We just have a brand and wish to follow our image.