1 Feb 2013

Peippo at Femboy and Alternate Gender Fashion Fair

Peippo is taking part in an event with a great cause: body image and self confidence. The First Femboy & Alternate Gender Fashion Fair, January 31st to February 14th, is arranged by Taki Kujisawa, who is also behind the current Femboy Hunt.

The charity in question is: The Human Rights Campaign for gender equality & LGBTQ rights.

Peippo is taking part in the fair with one charity vendor with a set of brand new eyes, and a charity gatcha of new mini tophats.

(Btw. The prices (50L$) and donation percentage (50%) were set in advance for the charity vendors and -gatchas, and we could not change them. Some vendors have also regular vendors at the fair).
Peippo Fashion: Mini Tophats, donation gacha
Peippo Eyes: Li, donation vendor

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