9 Jun 2012

SWAG hats and a New Gift

We have swag!
Peippo for Tinies at Raglan Shire
Peippo for Tinies at Heron Shire
Both are now available in both stores, as there has been some confusion about finding both swag items when there was one in each store.

The bowler hats have three versions.. leather hats, green with decorative leather band, black with velvet band and brown with fabric band. All three hats are in the package that is now 50l for swag.
The gardening hats have a stripy velvet version, one with yellow fabric that has white squares, and a blue paisley one. They all have flowery bands. All included in the swag package for 50l.

We have a new gift that works for biggies and tinies alike. You may need to adjust the hat a little depending on head shape and size, so its copy mod:

(Exile Ali/brown sugar free hair, Al Vulo Group gift skin Debbie* Ohh Deer chantilly)
Silly hats! yay! hehe.

Remember to slap the MM-boards.

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