6 Jul 2012

Rainbow tinies!

There is a new g-rated group for lbgt related discussions called Rainbow tinies. If you know anyone who might want to join, let them know. If you can not join yourself, but wish to put a join group sign at your store or other location, im Pieni inworld. Group members will find the join box in notices.

Tinies are not sexual beings, but love and human rights are universal. Biggies are welcome to join, too, just keep it g-rated. You can send the group free gifts and notify people of lbgt events. No unrelated advertising or spam. (With gifts keep in mind that this is a tiny group so a huge pile of biggie items may not be needed. Fullperm freebies you might want to put in a notecard before sending.)

Default member status is member and your tag will say Rainbow tiny. To get notice rights, im Pieni or mention it in chat. Spammers will be removed.

If we get enough interest, we might get a club house too. :)

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